Guest Stars


Meet Our Guest Performers


Ning Li


Wang Zifei


Vice chairman of Beijing Acrobats Association, delegate of the 14th Beijing People’s Congress, member of The National Youth Federation, Vice chairman of The Beijing Federation of Literature and Art, member of the Standing Committee of Beijing Youth Federation.

He has appeared on the Spring Festival Gala stage four times. He won the overall champion “Golden Magic Wand” award in the 16th Monte Carlo World Magic Competition with his work “Shifting Shapes and Changing Shadows”, which can be called the Oscar of the magic circle. He is the only Chinese magician in Asia who has won this award.

Soprano and solo actress of China National Orchestra. Graduated from the Vocal and Song Department of China Conservatory of Music, superviced by famous vocal music professor Wang Shikui. She has participated in various concerts in the Concert Hall of the National Centre for the Performing Arts, Beijing Concert Hall, and Zhongshan Concert Hall many times as a soloist. Released her solo album “Xiao Wen Ting Ge”.

She has repeatedly recorded CCTV’s “Sing Everyday” column, and participated in many large-scale cultural Gala on CCTV.


Katerina Mina


Doros Demosthenous


Katerina’s debut album, Angel of Fire, was released on the Royal Philharmonic’s record label. She has performed not only in London and many famous concert halls and royal theaters in Britain, but also has been invited to perform in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Paris, Moscow, Florence, Athens, Tenerife, Ancona and her Home country Cyprus. She also toured Japan and appeared with the Mexican National Symphony Orchestra in Toluca and Acolman.

Katerina Mina is the British Ambassador for Friends of the Israel Opera and was awarded the Medal of Peace and Friendship of the Russian Federation. She also received the Ludvig Nobel Prize for Culture in Stockholm.

Graduated with honours from the National Conservatory of Music in Athens, where he studied vocal music. Has performed impressively with The famous Ossipov orchestra of The “Colour Orchestra” (Manos Hadjidakis Music Ensemble) and participated in The Aristophanes Theatre play “The Birds”. In 1998, he starred in the famous “Grease” musical and achieved great success. In 2000, he performed with the Oxford Symphony Orchestra and starred in the famous musical West Side Story. He has released three solo albums and has appeared on many others as a singer. His latest album “Comper” includes his jazz/swing interpretations of classical Greek songs.